We, in THAMON, treat each and every employee with the utmost respect. We can promise that there is not and never will be any child labor, unfair wages, or other unfair treatment of any employee in the THAMON family. We stand by having ethics as our top priority in all of our business decisions. We pay special attention to the Fair Wage Standard and comply with the laws of the land by every standard. General benefits are given equally to each employee while additional benefits are given for each employee's performance as per the agreement. We have a family like relationship with our employees and outsourcers, providing them with clean working space and all necessary equipment so that each of them can perform better. Public holidays are observed with Thai labor law public holidays.


We, in THAMON, pride ourselves on using materials that are not derived from animals. Our products are of the highest quality because we don't believe in compromising on quality, our products are mostly made of vegan leather which comparatively puts animal based product to shame. Our products also contain scientific leather which is water resistant and 30% lighter than animal based leather. We believe in providing the highest quality with varieties of the trendiest designs that is extremely functional to encourage and educate people about the use of vegan-based product as the initiative to end animal cruelty.

Working conditions for our artisans and farmers.

Our artisans work in a clean and safe environment to ensure the highest quality of production and they are paid well and above the minimum wage law. Our farmers collect the highest quality fallen leaves used as leather for our products and are compensated within fair trade standards.

Workers' rights

Our workers are never coerced or enticed into any values. They have their own independent free will to accept or reject any project. These are the guidelines we follow for our workers
- Our workers have the right to freedom of association, where workers are able to join trade unions and are independent of government or employer influence.
- The right to collective bargaining, where workers can negotiate with employers collectively or individually, over the numbers of pieces they control or the compensation period; weekly, monthly, annually or per piece.
- Our workers have the free choice to work from home or in the factory, they also have the free choice to work in their spare time on other projects for other companies or in their own interest.
- Of course, no child labor is allowed at THAMON, we follow the guidelines and fully respect the laws of the country.
- "Equal pay, equal work" policy where we compensate our workers for the agreed amount for a specific period of time or fulfillment of a project.