A woman in a cream knit dress wears the Thamon Forest Green Leaf Leather Box Bag as a crossbody, the bag's natural green leaf textures visible against the soft fabric of her dress, blending fashion with sustainability.Thamon Forest Green Leaf Leather Box Bag with a natural leaf vein pattern throughout, featuring a front flap with magnetic closure and a matching green strap, set against a white background.
Model wearing a Thamon London black vegan leather box bag, positioned to display the bag's structured design and leaf leather texture against a white top and brown trousers, with the bag's strap over her shoulder.Front view of the Box Vegan Crossbody Bag in Black Leaf, showcasing its unique leaf leather texture and elegant black color, complemented by a sleek, detachable strap and Thamon branded hardware detail.
A woman in a cream ribbed dress models the Thamon Spice Brown Leaves Box Bag, a vegan crossbody with a leaf-textured surface and brown tan strap, against a light studio background.Front view of the Thamon Spice Brown Leaves Box Bag, featuring a leaf-embossed exterior in rich brown tones with a natural pattern, complemented by a brown tan strap and the signature Thamon silver logo on the flap.
Side view of the Thamon camouflage leaf box bag, featuring a white base with a green leafy pattern, a curved flap, and a glossy black side panel, with a visible metal loop for the strap attachment.Front view of Thamon's camouflage leaf box bag, showcasing the unique white and green leaf pattern, a secure front flap with a magnetic closure, and a contrasting black vegan leather strap for a modern touch.
A side view of a blue Dianne box-style vegan crossbody bag by Thamon showcasing the leaf imprint texture and the contrast of the dark blue side panel against a white background.A blue Dianne box-style vegan crossbody bag with a leaf imprint texture on the front, a dark blue strap, and a small leaf logo metallic emblem in the center, against a plain white background.