Sad truth about Animal Cruelty in Fashion Industry!

Humans have used wool, fur, leather and other animal skin related materials for years and billions of animals have been slaughtered or tortured into living in fear, pain and despair. The mass production of these items has created a cruel system of skinning or breeding which sparked an uproar by animal rights activist and animal rights organization.

The animal-related materials used for jackets, bags, pants, clothing, gloves and more are mostly sourced from China and India. They are ripped from cattle or calves in an extreme process that will shock you!


Firstly, the animals have to be transported to the factory without being given food or water to keep them dehydrated in order to extract their skins. Then, they have to walk for days without any hydration or food, and they would get trashed if they stop moving, many of them would die by the time they reach the factory. When they reach the factory, they are castrated and dehorned without anesthesia. The last thing that awaits them is the inevitable fate of being hung upside down and skinned alive. They are left to bleed to death while their skin is carved out.

The skin is then treated with extremely dangerous and toxic chemicals that can lead to various types of cancer. While some of the workers are in contact with these types of chemicals has the highest risk for cancer.

From one human to another, please do not support animal cruelty of any kind. Make a transition, support cruelty-free and ethical fashion. It's the future of fashion, take the initiative!

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