Is cork material environmentally friendly? Reasons why you should use it!

Here's why cork material is greener than you would have thought!

Cork material has been used for a variety of purposes, from yoga mats to sustainable fashion bags, to create a more eco-friendly and sustainable product, but is cork really eco-friendly? Good news. Cork is one of the most environmentally friendly materials that can be used for a product. Here are reasons why you should consider using cork products.

1. Renewable
Cork is harvested from the cork oak tree by skilled cork strippers that remove the bark of the oak, so don't worry, the tree is not cut down to obtain the material. The bark of the oak grows back quickly within 9-12 years. Considering that the lifespan of an oak tree is 200 years, the bark can be harvested multiple times, unlike other trees that are completely cut down for harvesting.

2. Beneficial For Our Climate
After the cork is harvested from the cork oak tree to be used as raw material for a sustainable product, the tree must regenerate the bark, which means it absorbs more carbon dioxide (CO2). A harvested cork oak trees absorbs 5 times more CO2 than an unharvested cork oak trees.

3. High Quality
One of the most important factors for the consumer of the products is to evaluate the durability and quality of this environmentally friendly material. It is scientifically proven that Cork material is durable, waterproof and can withstand high temperature and pressure.

All in all, we would recommend using cork materials not only because it is a high quality product that is waterproof and durable, but also because it is renewable and one of the most sustainable materials we have today. Harvesting cork materials can also be beneficial to our climate as it absorbs comparatively more CO2 than those that are not harvested. With all the right reasons to use cork-based products, take the initiative and make the earth greener!


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