Together for Wildlife

In the spirit of solidarity, Thamon is thrilled to contribute to the Born Free Foundation's landmark 40th-anniversary celebration at the Footsteps to Freedom Ball this March. Through our modest gift of a £50 voucher to the Gift Tree, we aim to underscore our shared commitment to the vital cause of wildlife conservation.

  • Marking a Moment: 21st March 2024
  • Location: Royal Lancaster, London
  • A Note of Gratitude: While we're fully booked, the opportunity to contribute remains open and impactful.

At Thamon, we're motivated by the collective impact we can achieve to protect and preserve wildlife. Born Free's unwavering dedication over four decades inspires us deeply, mirroring our values of compassion and active engagement in safeguarding nature's wonders.

Join the Effort:
-  Support Born Free's mission here
-  Consider adopting an animal here

This partnership celebrates our mutual dedication to wildlife conservation and the belief that together, we can make a lasting difference for the animals and habitats under threat.

We'd Love to Hear From You: What drives your passion for wildlife conservation? Share your inspirations and stories in the comments below. Let's amplify our collective voice for wildlife protection.

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