We’ve been picked as one of “17 vegan wallet & card holder brands” by They are classify each brand into personal style to let you know which brand will suite your aesthetic.

Whether you are a sporty guy, eco-minded, or eclectic guy that love vegan product and want to find a perfect vegan wallet. Our product is fashionable, functional with high quality, and ethical. This can be a perfect wallet for you.

This is what Harm Free Fashion says about our men's vegan wallet :

"If you’d prefer something different than a typical black or brown wallet then Thamon has some nice options. What’s especially cool about this brand is that they create their wallets from real tree leaves and vegan leathers.

They have a number of styles to choose from and each is available in a wide selection of colors such as green and blue and they have one model made out of cork." BUY NOW 


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Written By : Harm Free Fashion

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