Thamon is featured in for Father's Day Gift Guide: The Best Vegan Wallet!

When you’re looking for a great gift for a vegan dad, it’s important to be aware of all the hidden ways that animal byproducts can creep into everyday accessories. The old standard tie gift for Father’s Day won’t work for the average vegan dad because most ties are made of silk. Don’t get stumped when you’re looking for a gift your dad will love, though. Simply get your dad a vegan wallet. It’s a practical but fun item that allows you to show thought and care by selecting one that will suit your dad’s preferences and needs. A high-quality vegan wallet is something any man can use, and you are sure to find one on this list that will make Father’s Day extra special for your dad.


Leaf leather? Yes, it’s a thing. The eco-design company Thamon creates vegan, ethical, and cruelty-free products such as wallets for men with leaf leather. Thamon’s camouflage leaf bifold card wallet looks unlike any other wallet. Its natural leaves are celebrated in the look of the wallet, and each one is handmade and dyed by hand. The fun wallet has plenty of room for your dad’s ID, credit cards, cash, and receipts. Buy the wallet directly from this link

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