Is Leaf Leather Actually Sustainable ?

Is Leaf Leather Actually Sustainable?  
Sustainability is one of the biggest trends of the season, and something tells us that it’s not going anywhere.  
As the problematic side of fashion becomes more apparent, the demand for ethical fashion is on the rise. More shoppers are seeking vegan options to simultaneously reduce cruelty and be kinder to the planet, and leather is one of the most popular imitation products on the market. But is it actually a sustainable option? Below we’ll be discussing why not all vegan leathers are made equal, and how leaf leather stacks up on the sustainability scale.  


Is Vegan Leather Actually Good For The Environment?

There are many types of vegan leather out there, so it’s impossible to group them all together.

Unfortunately, some of them are forms of greenwashing. They are marketed as vegan in order to appear more eco-friendly, when in reality they’re made from petroleum-based synthetics that are not biodegradable, require significant energy inputs to produce, and generate large amounts of waste and greenhouse gases. Some vegan leathers are also treated with chemicals that can be detrimental to human and environmental health.   

Fortunately, you can still enjoy the feel of leather without harming the planet. There are several vegan leather options derived from natural materials that do not share the negative impacts of their synthetic counterparts.


Is Leaf Leather Good For The Environment?

So, how does leaf leather compare to other forms of vegan leather? Fans of the material will be happy to know that it’s one of the most sustainable forms of vegan leather out there.

By using discarded plant leaves and minimizing the use of chemicals and water in production, leaf leather is an eco-friendly alternative that reduces waste and has a lower environmental impact. Thamon’s leaf leather is always derived from sustainable sources that also provide regional economic growth within Thailand. Our treatments are made from non-toxic recycled resins that still help us follow our mission of reducing waste and establishing a more sustainable industry.  

There’s no doubt about it. Leaf leather is one of the best options for those seeking sustainable, ethical, and stylish alternatives to traditional leather.

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