How to styles with Thamon London bag

A summer trend has emerged for summer season. We all want a quality bag that elevates our everyday looks, sustainable and lasts a lifetime. This is not only advantageous economically, but it is also significantly better for the environment, which our bags are very responsive. So, we're here to help you guys how to match Thamon London bag with your outfits on summer 2022.

SHOP Box Vegan Bag in Black

SHOP Box Vegan Bag in Camouflage


A box vegan bag is a crossbody bag with a shoulder strap that can be worn over the body or crossed over the body. Every girl should have at least one of these bags because it can mix and match with various styles such as lane it up outfits, a nautical nature outfits, print on print outfits, or casual summer outfits. Box vegan bag is easy to carry. It is a must-have item in every look.


SHOP Kylie Bag in Forest

SHOP Kylie Bag in Walnut


SHOP Kylie Bag in Black


Kylie bag is an elegance and glamour design with a simple but attractive shape. There is also a shoulder strap for those who want to change into another look. This classy handbag can mix and match with many styles such as evening outfits, dinner outfits, Business casual outfits or ladylike summer outfits. Kylie bag is very suitable for an event and also makes people who use this bag look luxurious as well.


SHOP Pearl Vegan Bag in Black


Pearl vegan crossbody is our new collection of crossbody bag. The adjustable strap and pearl chain deliver a myriad of carry options: elbow, cross-body, and long shoulder. With the long strap removed, it can even be carried as a handbag. The feminine fit and flare dress is lovely and ladylike. It's fit perfect with pearl bag. The vibe is polished, proper and classy. This bag can mix and match with the ladylike summer outfits, or casual summer outfits and cocktail/dinner outfit. Pearl vegan crossbody bag will make you look stunning in every outfit you wear.

SHOP Tote Bag in Walnut

SHOP Tote Bag in Black


Tote bag is popular for people who like large bags that can put a lot of things and can be carried on the shoulder or bear. It is designed to have a handle to hang on the shoulder or around the arm. This bag can mix and match with beach outfits, casual shopping outfits, lane it up outfits, pom-pom party outfits or casual work outfit. On summer, when you go on vacation or work, this bag is the best choice to carry because it’s roomy enough for anything you want to take along, from sunglasses to a hat, a good book, a beach towel, a notebook or even an iPad.


If you guys want to see the mix-and-match guide of other bags, leave us a comment below!

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