THAMON Green Leaf Leather Backpack for Ladies women



The things that catch the eye are products that possess a sense of uniqueness. These products look like antiques and have a classic feel to them. The green leaves backpack is no exception. This lightweight handmade backpack is the definition of uniqueness – it does not come in the color or design that we see every day. It is urban and fits any physique. The product is manufactured from pure, durable coated fallen tree leaves that give it both a sense and feel of nature. This coated leaves are durable and comfy on any skin. PU leather has also been added to give an artistic feel and enhance life span of the product. It is long lasting and ideal for the nature lover. This artistic piece also employs the use of high-quality metals for areas like straps and zippers. Take this bag on your next vacation or adventure, and blend with the natural atmosphere; it also serves well for the everyday occasions.

What's more? The product is water-proof which keeps the items inside safe from rainy weathers or water spills. If you know a guy who loves to travel or someone who wants to stand out with their backpack, this is the ideal choice!