Who make your bag?

This is Mr. Ner and his wife, our local sewers who have specialised in making leather handbags for 30 years. As you can see in the photo, he made the Kylie bag for us.

If you look closely at the details of the bag he made, it is beautiful and unique because it is made by nature (from leaves) with the highest quality and attention to detail by him. From the first step to the last, each bag is handmade. Since it is handmade, the process is more time-consuming than machine-made handbags.

We currently have more than 20 bag designs on offer to suit the different lifestyles, preferences and needs of our conscious customers who are nature-loving and love our leaf leather bags. With the cooperation and help of our local sewers, we will develop and produce a variety of products to meet the constant demand. More products are in the pipeline!
  • Why we choose local sewers instead of factory.
Amidst the spread of COVID -19 The dreadful sight that presents itself daily is the collapse of the economy at all levels, especially among small and medium entrepreneurs, including the general public. They face a variety of hardships that affect their careers and incomes. Local workers are the hardest hit. They have lost their jobs or sources of income. 
Ethics of wages and working conditions is another problem. Some factories outsource some of the work to local sewers and receive a commission from them. As far as we know, the wages they receive are lower than the usual wages.
We really want to support the local workers in need so that they can survive this pandemic. For this reason, we are trying to stop having our handbags made in factories and instead work directly with local sewers.

This way we paid them fairly, they can work in the work environment they prefer (at home!), the money we paid for the bag production goes directly to them, and they get a higher wage from us than from the factories!

Let’s support them together!


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My spouse is vegan I will definitely buy this product on his bday on Dec. You should open your shop all around the world… Or I can be your representative in United State and Asia 🤣

Dody Kurniady May 15, 2024

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